NBC's Gregory Treats Colbert Like Political Kingmaker, Not Low-rated Clown

Poor David Gregory. He probably doesn't read Big Hollywood or realize "The Colbert Report" reaches less households than "Pawn Stars," "Robot Chicken," "Basketball Wives," "American Pickers," and "Styled by June."

Maybe that's why he conducted this fawning/embarrassing interview earlier today with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert on "The Today Show."

Newsbusters has the embarrassing list of softballs, or rather, questions:

"What a treat for me to be in for Matt [Lauer] today....Stephen Colbert is a man who has had a loud and influential voice in this political season...."

Gregory began the farcical exchange by proclaiming to Colbert, "You have a super-PAC and you have a character on television. And you have a real impact on this race ... What are you exposing about the race and about the political system in 2012 that you think the rest of us miss?"

"You have particular resonance among younger people....Do you think that young people approach this election differently with a different attitude, less inspiration than they did four years ago?"


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