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More Evidence the State Department Has 'Gone Rogue'

The Wall Street Journal drew attention Friday to the striking difference between statements by President Barack Obama and UN Ambassador Samantha Power on the downed Malaysia Airlines passenger jet in eastern Ukraine. While Obama stopped somewhat short of blaming Russia and Russian separatists, Power, in a speech to the UN Security Council blamed the separatists and hinted strongly at suspicions of a direct Russian role. 19 Jul 2014

Officials: Gunmen Kill at Least 15 Egypt Troops

CAIRO (AP) — Gunmen armed with rocket-propelled grenades attacked a border guard post in Egypt's western desert Saturday, killing at least 15 troops, security officials said. 19 Jul 2014

As Pro-Russians Block Malaysia Flight MH17 Site, Help from Russia Requested

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was allegedly shot down on Thursday, and three days later, the crime scene is still not secured. The pro-Russian forces in east Ukraine are not allowing anyone except their own people to access the site. Donetsk People’s Republic's self-proclaimed Prime Minister Alexander Borodai, a Russian citizen from Moscow, asked Russia to help with the investigation. 19 Jul 2014

A Desperate Cry from Iraq's Christians

Iraq’s Christian leaders have just made a desperate cry for help. Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, head of the Iraq’s Catholic church, has issued an appeal “to all who have a living conscience in Iraq and all the world.” 18 Jul 2014

BRICS Development Bank Does Not Undermine US Dollar

As the three day meeting for the 6th annual “BRICS” conference of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa comes to a close, the most important accomplishment is the founding of the BRICS Development Bank and a currency stabilization pool known as the Contingency Reserve Arrangement.  At a puny $50 billion the BRICS Development Bank does not undermine the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  But it does recognize that most of the world’s coming growth will be from emerging economies and seeks to undermine political meddling by Western nations in investment decisions regarding that growth. 18 Jul 2014

Palestine Occupied by Islamism as Much as Israel

While Gazans, their Hamas leadership and pro-Palestinian supporters around the world condemn Israel's Operation Protective Edge, now turning into a ground invasion, its time Muslims examined the Other Occupation: the inexorable advance of political Islamism over Islam. 18 Jul 2014

You Can Trust the Russians to Be Russians

In their own way, the Russians are trustworthy: You can always trust them to remind you as to what kind of people they are, and what kind of political system they create. As we shall see, Americans got a bitter lesson about Russian behavior seven decades ago, during World War II—although we were painfully slow to learn that lesson. 18 Jul 2014

MH17: Planes Flew over Ukrainian War Zone Because It was Cheaper

In the aftermath of the horrific fall of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine Thursday, the United States Federal Aviation Administration warned airlines not to fly over that airspace, and it received voluntary agreements from airlines that they would not. But why were they flying over war zones to begin with? 18 Jul 2014

Report: MH17's Black Boxes are in the Hands of Russian Separatist Gangs

As the international community attempts to piece together the facts surrounding the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane over disputed Ukrainian territory, the plane's black boxes-- pivotal to the investigation-- appear to have been found. Whether Russian separatists will hand the boxes over to investigators, however, remains to be seen. 18 Jul 2014

Reports: 23 Americans on Downed Malaysia Airlines Jet

NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Barack Obama directed U.S. officials on Thursday to do all they could to support an investigation into what caused a Malaysian jetliner to crash in a Ukrainian war zone and pledged support to the affected countries as the probe moves forward. 18 Jul 2014

Berlusconi Acquitted in Ruby Sex Case Trial

An Italian appeals court on Friday cleared Silvio Berlusconi of having sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of power in a surprise ruling that will strengthen the former prime minister on the political scene. 18 Jul 2014

Compared to Hamas, Even the Nazis had Some Shame

Ron Dermer, Israel's new Ambassador to the United States claims that Israel is fighting not just a war against Hamas, it is fighting a larger war against the growing moral impairment of what used to be called the civilized world; not just to defeat Hamas militarily but to restore moral clarity to a world that refuses to accept there is such a thing. Israel will certainly win its current war against Hamas. In fact, it has already done so, but victory in the war for moral clarity is far less certain.  18 Jul 2014

Malaysia Airlines Shares Lose 18% After Latest Disaster

(AFP) Shares in Malaysia Airlines tumbled almost 18 percent on Friday after one of its passenger jets crashed in violence-wracked Ukraine, just months after the carrier was hit by the loss of a plane over the Indian Ocean. 18 Jul 2014

Malaysia PM 'Shocked', Relatives Endure Agonising Wait

(AFP) Malaysia's premier expressed "shock" at reports a Malaysia Airlines flight may have been shot down over troubled eastern Ukraine as his nation braced for another wrenching air tragedy just months after MH370 disappeared. 18 Jul 2014

Protests over Alleged Rape at Indian School

Hundreds of outraged parents stormed a top private school in the Indian city of Bangalore Thursday to protest against the alleged rape of a six-year-old pupil by two staff members, police said. 18 Jul 2014

France to Redeploy its Troops in Africa

PARIS (AP) — French troops are still in Mali a year and a half after they were sent there for a targeted operation against extremists. And instead of leaving, they're about to expand their mission to fighting terrorism from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean. 18 Jul 2014

World View: Multiple Simultaneous Crises Signal Deteriorating Geopolitics

On Thursday, the deterioration of the world's geopolitics took a giant step forward with two major new crises: A large passenger plane was shot down in east Ukraine by a missile that's widely believed to have been launched by pro-Russia separatists and obtained from Russia's armed forces. Israel began a ground invasion of Gaza that's expected to last for weeks. 18 Jul 2014


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